This website is focused around the needs of the Vacation Rental Industry and it caters to the needs of all those that participate in this industry.
Property-management-smallProperty Owners have access to a state of the art reservation management system that will let them handle rental inquiries, process bookings, create rental agreements, charge credit cards and monitor all the expenses associated with their properties. It will also help them automate all the tasks normally associated with the entire booking process starting from the initial inquiry and ending with the followup after the rental has been completed. Additional modules to monitor the performance of their marketing campaigns, solicit customer feedback and improve the customers experience are also included here as well.
Property Managers have access to their own suite of tools as well as to the state of the art reservation system. These tools are provided to help them market their property management services to the property owners mentioned above.
index_11Preferred Contractors have been checked out by VPORA and have access to their own suite of tools and applications available for their own use. These tools are designed to help them market and provide services to their clients as outlined above. Included here are tools for managing projects, job costing and quality control to ensure the jobs are completed on time and to budget.
directoryPreferred Vendors have access to their own suite of apps. These tools are designed to help them market their products to their clients within the vpora system. No longer is it necessary for property owners to canvas local markets and guess which vendors are reliable and provide good service. Our proffered vendors offer the best service and the best quality product including supplies, furniture, accessories and even electronics.
Real Estate Professionals are of course an integral part of the Vacation Rental Industry. Some times they provide property management services so they have access to all the property management applications that the owners and managers have. They also have their own suite of tools and applications that will allow them to showcase their Rental-Marketingservices to the property owners on this system to facilitate the purchase or sale of properties.
Rental Marketing Representatives fill an essential and very unique role within the VPORA system. No longer is it necessary to wait for the inquiry to come in. At VPORA we have established a sales and marketing force that will go out and actually promote all the rental units that are currently being managed within our system to corporate clients and institutions which drive a lot of additional revenue to our owner clients.
Travel Agencies are a new addition to the vacation rental industry and are serviced on this site. Using the tools provided here they can now book travel services that include private rentals with the full confidence in knowing their clients will be staying in high quality accommodations. The tools offered here provide them with full access to the VPORA portfolio of properties that include special deals and preferred rates.
Inspection-reportInspection & QC Personnel are a unique addition to the VPORA system. At VPORA we take customer service and the customer experience very seriously and we have in place a Quality Control program that is unmatched in this industry. This program includes third party inspection and monitoring of our portfolio of properties, and the work of our service people, preferred vendors,  preferred contractors and property management systems and staff. The tools available here let us hire and manage these staff to ensure our customers and clients get the best experience possible by using the services offered in this website.

Professional Service Firms including Accountants, Architects, Engineers, and Lawyers are also essential to the vacation rental industry and the property owners and property managers that use this system need access to quality firms that are recognized as leaders in their fields Professional-Service-Firms-and well established in the territories that they service. The tools provided in this website will help our property owners and property managers find these service firms and obtain services according to their areas of expertise.
Tenants & Guests to the VPORA portfolio of properties get access to key information about their selected rentals and the team that manage them so that they can make the most informed decision and ensure they have the best vacation experience.  The tools provided here will let them find last minute Webmastersspecials and discounts, store favorites, view property reviews and ratings and provide them with a host of special services that have been designed to make their vacation experience the best that it can be.
Webmasters play a unique role in the vacation rental industry. Websites that cater to this niche market offer a variety of services and the VPORA community needs to know about them. The tools offered here will help showcase these websites and help our guests find what they need before during and even after their vacation has been concluded.