Tip #1: The Owners Profile

When a rental prospect is checking out a rental they are looking for a place to stay for a short period of time.  Once they have found a short list of places to stay they have to make a final decision.
One of the key factors that we have found prospects use is the Owners profile, if in fact they have access to one. When a person decides to rent a home they want to know the place is well looked after and that there will be no surprises. They want to know that if they have a concern it will be addressed quickly. They want to know that the home is real, and they want to be comfortable with handing there money over to this stranger in the hopes they will be able to use the property.
One of the key aspects to the VPORA property management system is the development of a high caliber professional owners profile for each and every owner. Having this owner profile helps build credibility and  brand for the owner which in tern helps to increase actual bookings. By conveying the interests and personality of the property owner we begin a trust building exercise that gives the prospect the confidence to rent from the owner and spend their time on the owners property.
Lionel Wayne

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