Tip #2: Manage Your Advertising Budget

Any business that is a secret will ultimately fail. For a business to succeed it needs customers or prospects interested in the products and services that it sells. A vacation rental business is no different.
Paid advertising is just one way of telling people about your business. This may be in the form of a classified ad, a banner ad, or perhaps by investing in setting up a property profile on one of the large listing directories like homeaway, or perfect places.
Establish your budget, book your advertising, and monitor the results. Try and avoid the most common mistakes like placing multiple ads on the same source or automatically renewing ads when you are not certain they have brought you any business.
Regardless of how you spend your advertising budget, the most important thing is to track the results you are getting. You need to know for sure that the investment you made in your advertisement has returned more then enough revenue to justify the cost.
The VPORA Advertising Module lets property owners and managers brows through a comprehensive and constantly growing database of advertising sources. It allows the owner to review the ratings and comments that have been provided by other owners that have used these sources and it even provides data on the overall sales that these ad sources have generated.
This module lets you track the ads that you have placed, and reminds you when this same ad will expire. When the booking engine is used to make the reservation this system will keep track of were the lead came from and track the actual sales that it generated so it can calculate for you an exact rate of return on your advertising investment.
Not every mode of advertising is effective in every area so the VPORA advertising module compiles data on bookings and relates it to the ad sources that generated the leads. This makes it possible for VPORA to publish key advertising statistics to its owners that indicate which areas are best serviced by specific ad sources on a real time basis.

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