Tip #4: Answering a Prospects Questions

The great thing about a question is that it provides an excuse to reach out to the person asking it and offer them additional help. The problem of course is that there are many questions that an owner will get asked that are repeated over and over again. This makes it of course a very time consuming task to stay up to date and answer everyone questions.
Some owners will try and pre-answer the most common questions into the property profile. The funny thing is that even then the answers are overlooked and the same questions are asked.
Even fewer owners have their own property websites and they have setup a Frequently Asked Question section on their website that addresses these questions. What happens of course is the prospects are contacting the owners the various rental directories and so they never see these websites or the FAQ sections.
The VPORA property management system lets every owner build an FAQ section that can be added to their property profile. The VPORA API lets them take this same FAQ and lets it be displayed on their own properties website as well. Any changes that are made get updated in real time.
This system even provides a form for the prospect to complete online and submit their own questions which may then be answered and even included in the FAQ for others to read.
The best part about the VPORA FAQ module is that it maintains a seperate FAQ for each and every property in an owners portfolio and it makes it seamless to manage and easy for their clients and prospects to access.

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